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Joining in July or later is possible at reduced fees


Membership of the Wealden Model Aircraft Society is easy - here are the current club rates.

Membership runs from January to December (in line with BMFA membership).

Membership Rates are as follows

Juniors: - £10.00 (£27.00 Including BMFA Insurance) - BMFA Fees - £17

Adults: - £60.00 (£93.00 Including BMFA Insurance) - BMFA Fees- £33

Rates shown apply for 2017. Rates for following years will be decided at the Dec AGM

Click the picture to Download the Membership Form

Note: You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader Installed


Please read the Club Rules for more information on how the club operates

Please note that BFMA insurance is needed to fly at our club. If you already have BMFA insurance then the lower rate is applicable. Proof of BMFA insurance is required.

To apply to join the club please download and complete the form below and send it with payment to the Club Membership Secretary - Bob Hart

Incomplete forms will be rejected and need to be re-submitted.

For more information on the committee or club info then please use Contact Page to get in touch


Please note that members without an A certificate can only fly aided by a BMFA acredited member who has an A certificate.