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John Young





By Jon Young

This is one of me, donkeys years ago, flying a Cambrian Mustang Fun fighter between the blast walls at the disused West Malling airfield.

I think I am right in saying that West Malling was the only WW2 airfield to have these walls and were the brainchild of the commanding officer Group Captain Peter Townsend, no not the Who guitarist, the bloke who almost married Princess Margaret. They would park Hurricanes between the walls between sorties to protect them from enemy strafing.

Interesting fact number 2, is that this is where The Beatles filmed the ‘I am the Walrus’ sequence in their 1967 movie Magical Mystery Tour.

Google I AM THE WALRUS and select images and you will see those very same blast walls.

Sadly it’s now the Kings Hill housing estate. Other than the officer’s mess, (Tonbridge and Malling council offices) and the control tower (derelict, awaiting restoration), not a trace of it remains today.




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