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Events Gallery 2009


Wealden Flyers FunFly

Our Funfly turned out to be a very successful event - it was superb FUN! Look out for another event later in the year.

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Winner Jon Young





2nd Place Steve Middleton

1st Place - Jon Young

2nd Place - Steve Middleton
3rd Place Martin Warmington  

Booby Prize - Bob Hart

3rd Place - Martin Warmington
Most Interesting Flight! - Bob Hart
Setting up the limbo line in high winds
Bob Hart ready for the ill fated Limbo comp
Insulation tape is very good at stopping planes   The tape held but the plane did not!
Waiting for the next flight

The winner ready for the Triple Thrash


John Passmore's Kyosho Edge

  John Allard going out with his Wot 4
The Wot 4 goes off for the Touch and Go Comp   Mark Chicken Tullett had a Weston Cougar
The Cougar did not fly in the competition but into the rape instead   General Flying after the competition




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